Pagasitikos (Volos) Gulf - Aegean - Greece

1st Volos  Marina  Check-in  17:00  
2nd Volos - Milina 17
3rd Milina – Jasteni  -  Kottes 7
4th Kottes - Trikeri 6
5th Trikeri  - Agia Kyriaki - Orei 13
6th Orei -  Axilion - Pigadi 11
7th Axilion – Amaliapolis - Volos 26

Α mythical destination

With coves beaches and teal-coloured waters . The Pagasitikos Gulf is ideal for relaxed sailing, as the sea is usually relatively calm. With,  Mount Pelion to the east ,mainland Greece to the west, Volos City to the north, the Evia channel to the south. Swim in the glimmering waters near Lefokastro or Nies. Taste the local specialities in one of the many seaside villages - Pelion's speciality (spetzofai) in the delightful Kato Gatzea or Afissos, or crayfish spaghetti in the little fishing village on the island of Trikeri.


Milina in the Gulf of Volos, is an attractive sailing holiday destination will suit sailors who prefer good sailing winds while exploring quieter islands and harbours.

It is a very impressive village. You can find quite picturesque beaches and bays with crystal clean waters.

Alatas Island
A well sheltered, natural harbour, close to Milina Village 17 nautical miles south of Volos. surrounded by the most striking and beautiful scenery.

Beautiful Cove and beach south of Milina , could be a stop for swimming on the way to Kottes or Trikeri.


Northern Evia – Orei Channel

Oreoi harbour, a stunning and safe harbour with tavernas and bars in abundance, lies just two hours from Trikeri island should you wish to explore further , without going to the Sporades islands.
It is on the northern part of  the massive island of Evia facing Pelion mountain and the gulf of Pagasitikos , You can  swim there in  the surrounding beaches nice beaches with clear waters.


Trikeri Island

Trikeri Island - Pagasitikos Gulf - Aegean  Just 3hrs from Volos (16nm) Paleo Trikeri Island is located in the southern part of the Pagasitikos gulf ,where  you can spend the night in the safe harbour .  An island without vehicles, with picturesque small  quiet beaches, could be a stop on your  sailing trip to Sporades islands and back. If you decide  to stay there having plenty of time ,  you could  walk up the hill and visit the Monastery, before enjoying a selection of fresh seafood at one of the two traditional restaurants.

Alternatively a suitable place for anchorage, safe from west, north and southeastern winds is situated in the middle of the cove, on a sandy, good-holding bottom. The area is affected by south and southwest winds. When those winds prevail, a safe anchorage is located in the northern part of the southeastern shores of the islet, in the inner part of cape Píthos.


A picturesque fishing village, south on the way to Trikeri were you can find fish taverns.



Amaliopolis - Pagasitikos Gulf - Aegean

This picturesque fishing village is situated in the Bay of Mitzellas on the Western side of the Pagasitikos Gulf

Nies Bay
South of Mitzella bay another beautiful bay , on the western side of the gulf protected from all the winds surrounded by steep Olive tree hills.


Pigadhi - Axilion

Pigadhi - Axilion Pagasitikos Gulf - Aegean Are picturesque villages  by the sea. Beautiful sandy beaches surround them.  They lie on the southern tip of the Pagasitikos Gulf.  Approximately 3 hours from Volos  . Around the port you will find fish taverns, all serving fresh fish caught by the local fishermen.