Skiathos To Skiathos

1st Skiathos marina, check - in 17:00  
2nd Skiathos – Tsougria - Panormos (Skopelos) 9
3rd Agnondas -  Stafylos (Skopelos)  - Patitiri (Alonisos) 10
4th Kyra Panagia 18
5th Steni Valla  - Patitiri (Alonissos) 18
6th Skopelos 10
7th Glossa (Skopelos)  - Skiathos    18

Skiathos is the easternmost island of the Sporades archipelago and remains the only island with an airport.

Therefore, it is a popular start point for cruising around the islands.

It is a good idea to leave Skiathos on the first day, unless of course you and your crew want to take part in the all night revelry that occurs around the harbour during the summer months.

Steni Vala (Alonissos Island)

lying on the East coast of Alonissos Steni Vala is a small inlet,with good shelter from all the winds, and many taverns with grate sea food.

A small harbour , or narrow valley in English, mid-way up the eastern side of Alonnisos island offers good protection for an overnight stop and is popular with holiday boats, fishermen, and locals alike .  Mooring is bows-to as it is quite shallow next to the quay and the holding  is good.
There is water available on the quay and showers ashore .
A mini market and some tavernas are along the waterfront .  Stocking up here as it is  the last opportunity to purchase food and water before heading further north to the outer islands is recommended.  
Surrounding beaches with crystal  water are great for swimming.


Skiathos is the most developed island in the Sproades.Amazing beaches, unique natural beauty and an abundance of entertainment options introduce you to the most exciting holiday of your life.From its deep green trees to its rockin’ bars and restaurants, Skiathos invites you to take part in its distinctive and spirited vibe. Perfect for those who demand high standards, it has long been a premier destination for cosmopolitan, international travellers, particularly those on yachts and sailboats cruising the Mediterranean. Holidays on this idyllic Greek island are unforgettable.
The beach service is flawless. Nights in Hora are lively and fun and the spectacular beaches Lalaria and Koukounaria are among the best in Greece. The 14th century castle, the habitat of Strofilias, the caves… The beauty of Skiathos is everywhere.

There are more than 60 beautifully beaches with crystal-clear azure waters such as :  
This dazzlingly beautiful beach and landscape put Skiathos on the map. Crystal clear waters, smooth white pebbles, steep cliffs that plunge into the sea. Little boats, yachts and day cruises carrying visitors from all over the world come to experience its splendour.
Koukounaries and Lake Strofilias
Discover the second-most talked about beach on Skiathos: Koukounaries. Famous for its golden sand, this seemingly endless beach is considered one of the most natural in the Mediterranean. It is embraced by a dense pine forest, behind which is Lake Strofilias, a unique habitat that is home to a variety of rare birds.

There are also many other terrific beaches to choose . The list is endless: Big Banana, Troullos, Agia Paraskevi, Kanapitsa, Xanemos, Megalos Aselinos. With beach bars, water-front tavernas, umbrellas, sun beds and watersports, Skiathos’ beaches are a work of art.

Skíathos  also includes  the islands of Tsougria and Tsougriaki, and the islets of Maragos, Arkos, Troulonisi and Aspronisi all perfect for daily excursion .

All these places are suitable for day anchorage in good weather conditions





A marvelous beach in the isolated Tsougria islet that is located south of Skiathos. Perfect for day anchor , offers  lovely beaches and a supremely relaxed atmosphere. It has a couple of beaches, but the most popular one lies in a sheltered bay and offers amazingly clear turquoise water, that remains shallow for al long time, making it a very safe place for children. You can find food, drinks and shade in a nice kantina .


Loutraki - Glossa (Skopelos Island)

Loutraki – Glossa  in  Skopelos Island. There is an organized marina in Skopelos.during the summer months you can find electricity and water. Also you will find everything you need for your boat , ice , fuel , Bars Taverns e.t.c.  There is a floating pontoon on the east side of the harbor to which you can moor stern-to using your anchor. If there is room , alternatively, you can come stern-to the west quay north of the ferry boat landing or anchor off. The bottom is sand and weeds and provides good holding . The harbor is well protected from the meltemi..
The very attractive town of Glossa is about 1 hr. walk up the steep hill or get the local bus , taxi etc.
Glossa, is one of the prettiest  towns in the Sporades with its hillside houses distinguished by painted wooden trim and grey slate roofs, There are a couple of tavernas serving local specialities. Ayios Ionnis Kastri is a picturesque church perched above a sandy cove and makes for an idyllic anchorage on a Glossa Skopelos yacht charter.

Patitiri (Alonnisos Island)

Patitiri is the harbor and the largest town in Alonnisos. The harbor affords good shelter from the meltemi. You can anchor moor stern-to at the quay to the north of the ferry dock, though space here is limited, or anchor moor on the south side of the ferry quay itself. The quay is liable to be crowded during the summer months, while the SW of the harbor is more exposed to westerlies and is crowded with permanent moorings. The bottom is mostly sand and provides good holding.

The town is attractive and has good shopping . To get to  old town, one can get the bus or a taxi from Patitiri or follow the old stone-paved footpath. The stone-paved narrow streets call you to walk them and see the traditional houses full of flowers from close up, sit at the taverns and let your gaze wander the endless blue, dreaming over the sunset westwards towards Skopelos.
On moonlit nights, the village takes on an even more mystical character, and one experiences unique emotions watching the moonlight and the games it plays with shadows in the gardens of the beautiful houses and the other architectural elements of the picturesque village with the enchanting landscapes.


Kyra Panagia

Kira Panagia Island (or Pelayoníssi) - Sporades - Aegean
Here is one of the biggest natural harbours of the Mediterranean sea, Planitis bay.
A safe anchorage  witch like many other natural harbours on the Greek islands  used to be a shelter for pirates during the Middle Ages.
The entrance to Planitis Bay, located on the northeastern coast of Kira Panagia ,is very narrow and should only be approached in light winds. Once inside the bay, you can anchor, sheltered  from the Meltemi and run a line ashore to enjoy the Milky Way extending from horizon to horizon at night.
However the visit is recommended only to those who love isolation and explorations of the wild virgin nature. Of course no facilities are available.
Agios Petros is an impressive bay located in the southwestern coast of the deserted Kira Panagia islet. It has emerald green waters and is a popular destination for boaters. It also has a tiny islet in its entrance named Agios Petros. The strong point of the bay is its emerald-green water and not  the shore. Agios Petros is a good anchorage with north winds (which usually prevail in the summer in the Aegean). The trip to Kira Panagia is ideal for those loving exploration.